Agg Layer

The AggLayer will utilize ZK proofs to forge a unified, aggregated environment that operates as though it were a single chain, while maintaining the sovereignty of each individual chain within the ecosystem.

This integration enables near-instant, atomic transactions, unifies liquidity across the ecosystem, enhances capital efficiency, and significantly improves user experience.

For L1 and L2 chains connected to AggLayer:

They retain their full sovereignty while also gaining access to a vast pool of unified liquidity, simplifying the process of bootstrapping liquidity.

For dApp developers:

They can reach a broader audience in aggregate. Even if a dApp resides on a different chain, it can be accessed by users across the network without the need for complex bridging, facilitating seamless cross-chain transactions and true expansion in user accessibility.

For end users:

The experience is akin to using the Internetโ€”a single, cohesive environment without the need for frequent and complex bridging.

In the ultimate vision for AggLayer, end users will be capable of performing cross-chain atomic transactions in less than one second.

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