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The $TOS Paymaster is a pivotal feature within the TONSquare ecosystem designed to facilitate the use of $TOS tokens as a medium for covering gas costs or transaction fees. This document outlines the functional and technical aspects of integrating the $TOS Paymaster feature, which allows users and projects within the TONSquare system to utilize $TOS tokens efficiently, enhancing the token's utility and fostering a robust economic environment.

The primary objective of this feature is to allow $TOS tokens to be utilized for transaction fees and gas costs across the TONSquare network. Additionally, it aims to encourage all projects expanding on TONSquare to adopt $TOS tokens for at least 40% of their transaction fee requirements. This strategy is intended to enhance the token's utility and foster a robust economic environment within the ecosystem.

Users can choose $TOS tokens as the payment method for transaction fees through their wallet interface, promoting ease of use and integration into daily transactions. The Paymaster contract, central to this feature, handles the acceptance and processing of $TOS tokens to cover gas costs. It acts as a middleware that verifies and processes fee payments made in $TOS, ensuring a smooth transaction process without the need for direct user interaction with the contract for each transaction.

How to use $TOS Paymaster

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