🤖Telegram Bot Add-on Access Key

Get started with the TONSquare Telegram Bot! This guide will show you how to easily add-on Keys using our secure Telegram interface with just a few taps.

1. Start the Bot

Access our bot directly at: https://t.me/TONSquareIO_bot

2. Connect Your Wallet

2.1. Follow the prompts to conect your wallet

2.2. Check connection

The bot will display a confirmation if your wallet is successfully connected.

3. Add On Keys

3.1. Press “Add On” to initiate the process

3.2. Enter the amount of keys you wish to purchase

3.3. Enter any referral code if you have one

3.4. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the transaction

3.5. Check your wallet to verify the keys have been added

You're all set! We hope this guide has made your experience smoother and more intuitive. For further support or feedback, please contact us via our support channels.

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