🕹️Pantheon Chronicles Game Tutorial

Ready to test your reflexes and earn rewards? The TONSquare Minigame — Pantheon Chronicles is here: https://app.tonsquare.io/nft/mini-game. Check out the quick guide below to get started:

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

Begin by connecting both your TON and EVM wallets to ensure seamless gameplay.

Connect TON wallet:

Connect EVM wallet:

Step 2: Select Your NFT

Click the “Select” button to view all available NFT cards in your collection along with the remaining number of plays (turns) for each card

Choose wisely! Pick the NFT card you think will give you the best shot at winning the minigame.

Step 3: Start Earn Points by Tapping

Click the “Play” button to initiate the game session.

TAP or CLICK continuously on the screen to earn points. The more you tap, the better your chances of earning higher points.

Step 4: Check Your Results

Once the game ends, review your results to see how well you've performed.

That's it! Get tapping and reap juicy rewards in the TONSquare Minigame. Have fun and good luck!


Choose your strongest NFT card for a potential edge.

Tap (or click) rapidly, but don't tire yourself out!

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