💲How to get Airdrop for TON Holder

TON holders and network participants can participate in our Airdrop to claim the share of 150M $TOS! Here's how:

Click here to get started: https://t.me/tonsquare_airdrop_bot

Step 1 : Activate the Bot

Once you're there, type "/start" in the bot interface to initiate the Airdrop process.

Step 2 : Solve a quick Captcha (security measure)

Step 3 : Engage with Our Community

Complete the simple steps to verify you're following TONSquare:

1/ Press "TONSquare"

2/ Select "Join Channel" to subscribe to the TONSquare channel

3/ Join the TONSquare Group Chat (verification required)

4/ Confirm your participation

Step 4 : Follow TONSquare on X

1/ Press "TONSquare"

2/ Select "Open" to access the link to our X page

3/ Hit "Follow" to start following us

4/ Confirm your action in the bot

5/ Reply with your username to verify

Step 5 : Register for the Airdrop

1/ Select "Register Airdrop" in the bot menu

2/ Input the wallet address where you hold at least 100 TON, which will also receive the airdrop

3/ Verify your details under "My Wallet" in the bot to confirm eligibility and accuracy

That's it! Sit back, relax, and wait for your $TOS tokens to arrive.

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