1. Introduction

Welcome to the TONSquare Key Referral Program. This program is designed to incentivize existing users to introduce new participants to mint TONSquare Keys. Referrers will receive a commission based on the TONSquare Keys minted by those who join and perform transactions using their unique referral link. This document outlines the terms and conditions governing participation in this program.

2. Eligibility and Participation

  • Program Eligibility: All registered users of the TONSquare network in good standing with a verified account are eligible to participate in the Referral Program.

  • Referral Eligibility: Newly referred individuals must register for an account and mint a TONSquare Key using the unique referral link provided by the existing user. The referral is considered successful once the new user completes the minting process.

3. Commission Structure

  • Commission on Minting: Referrers will earn a commission amounting to 10% of the total TON spent on TONSquare Keys minted by new users who have registered using the participantโ€™s referral link.

  • Calculation of Commissions: Commissions are calculated based on the total amount of TON used to mint TONSquare Keys by the referred user. This calculation excludes any transactions that are refunded or invalidated post-registration.

  • Duration of Commission Payments: Commissions are payable for TONSquare Keys minted by the referred user within the first year following their successful registration via the referral link.

4. Payment of Commissions

  • Payment Method: Commissions earned through the Referral Program will be paid out in TON, the native cryptocurrency of the TONSquare network. This allows participants to freely use or exchange their earnings within or outside of the TONSquare platform.

  • Payment Timing: Commissions are calculated and paid directly when user activate "Claim" button. This ensures timely remuneration for participantsโ€™ referral efforts.

  • Tracking and Transparency: Referrers have access to a dashboard that provides detailed tracking of referred usersโ€™ activities, including the amount of TONSquare Keys minted and the corresponding commissions accrued. This dashboard facilitates transparency and helps participants to effectively manage and predict their earnings.

5. General Terms and Conditions

  • Compliance: Participants must ensure that all promotional activities comply with the legal standards applicable in their jurisdiction. Referrers should represent TONSquare honestly and refrain from engaging in misleading or deceptive practices.

  • Program Modifications: TONSquare reserves the right to modify the terms of the Referral Program at any time. Changes will be communicated to active participants and will only apply to activities that occur after the date of the modification.

  • Disputes and Governing Law: Any disputes arising under these terms will be handled in accordance with the governing law of the jurisdiction in which TONSquare operates. Participants agree to resolve any conflicts in a manner consistent with fairness and good faith.

6. Conclusion

By participating in the TONSquare Key Referral Program, users agree to abide by all the terms and conditions outlined in this document. This program is part of TONSquareโ€™s broader effort to expand its community and enhance user engagement through incentivized participation.

For further inquiries or clarification on any aspect of the Referral Program, participants are encouraged to contact TONSquare customer support. Participation in the program constitutes acceptance of these terms, as well as any future amendments that may be enacted.

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