👟How to run Node

Anyone can set up a node by downloading the necessary software, installing it, and initiating operation. To be eligible for rewards, it is required to acquire at least one TONSquare Key. Claiming these rewards necessitates passing a KYC verification that ensures two criteria: a) the individual is not located in the USA, and b) they are not on any OFAC sanctions list. To determine if you fall under OFAC sanctions, you can visit the OFAC website. The KYC process is handled by Sumsub, a service utilized by major blockchain projects.

Before purchasing a license key, you must verify that this action complies with the local laws that apply to you.

Nodes that are inactive or insufficiently funded to manage gas fees will not accumulate rewards, even if a license key is possessed. Thus, it is crucial for operators to maintain their nodes well-funded, operational, and actively running.

Set-up a Node

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Operate a Node

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