🕙TONSquare Testnet

This document provides an overview of the TONSquare testnet environment, designed to facilitate a seamless transition for developers and users from the testing phase to the full operational phase of the TONSquare blockchain. The testnet serves as a vital platform for experimenting with and refining the blockchain's functionalities before they are deployed on the mainnet.

1. Testnet Objectives

  • Functionality Testing: The primary objective of the TONSquare testnet is to provide developers and users with an environment to test applications and contracts under real-world conditions without affecting the mainnet. This helps in identifying bugs and ensuring stability.

  • Network Performance Assessment: Developers can evaluate the performance of the TONSquare blockchain under various stress conditions and loads to ensure scalability and efficiency.

  • Security Audits: The testnet allows for comprehensive security testing to identify vulnerabilities within the blockchain or in smart contracts.

2. Accessing the Testnet

  • Testnet Access Requirements: Users and developers interested in joining the testnet can do so by signing up on the TONSquare platform. Necessary access credentials and setup instructions will be provided upon registration.

  • Tools and Resources: TONSquare will provide all necessary tools, including wallets, blockchain explorers, and a detailed API guide to interact with the testnet.

3. Testnet Features

  • Smart Contract Deployment: Users can deploy, execute, and test smart contracts in a controlled environment to monitor behavior and resource usage.

  • Cross-Chain Interactions: Test the capabilities of TONSquare's cross-chain communication protocols to ensure compatibility and efficiency across different blockchain networks.

  • Transaction Testing: Execute transactions to test throughput, latency, and handling of transaction fees on the testnet.

4. Airdrop Incentive Program

  • Eligibility for Airdrop: All participants of the TONSquare testnet will be eligible for an airdrop as part of an incentive program planned for the future. Participation in the testnet is crucial to qualify for this airdrop.

  • Airdrop Details: Specific details about the timing, criteria, and the procedure for the airdrop will be communicated to participants as the development progresses.

5. Testnet specifications:

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